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You Raised Me Up

45cm x 33cm | Gouache / (Framed)
You raised me up
£750 For Sale

2015 saw the last flight of Vulcan XH558. Being a fan there were fewer and fewer chances to see the aircraft in her last days. I decided to see her at Old Warden (the Shuttleworth Collection).

The airfield is part of a country estate and fairly con ned airspace. In combination with an angled display line, aircraft displays were curved, with spectators between the angles of the grass runways.

It turned out I was right below the Vulcan as it turned, looking up almost vertically as she banked. I knew instantly that my photographs were the best I’d ever get of this fabulous aircraft.

One image gave me goosebumps and I KNEW this would make such a painting. I so enjoyed this Acrylic piece, showing the high gloss finish, with the undersides reflecting the sky.

The title came when listening to a song during my painting: ‘You raise(d) me up’. Speaking of the ‘Vulcan to the Sky’ team, the aircrew, the fundraising public and the emotion experienced from her roar and growl.

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