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After sketching/painting at the Real Aeroplane Company, Breighton Airfield, Yorkshire, I was packing up for the day. I was almost at the car, when I heard this glorious roar of a big piston powered aircraft. Rushing around a corner, I was just in time to see a beautiful silver mustang just breaking to land after evidentally beating up the air eld, lit up by the setting sun.

I was able to get close up as she taxied in and came to a halt. It was then I saw she was two seater and it looked like the 2nd person may have been given a test-run. It seems that ‘Susy’ (G-SUSY) may have been being demonstrated then sold, as she left Breighton (her home) shortly afterwards.

I just loved the finish and reflectiions on the aircraft. She was probably the most beautiful Mustang I’ve ever seen, a P51D, from 1945.

I hope I was able to convey this in my Gouache study, now sold.

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