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The Days of Thunder

79m x 56cm | Oils (Framed)
£ For Sale

English Electric Lightning F6: XS904

One of my favourite aircraft: I’ve already portrayed the English Electric Lightning in a few paintings. However never one taking off and showing the power of the aircraft in full reheat.
The resulting oil painting was prompted by a contact at the Lightning Preservation Group, Bruntingthorpe. He suggested that I may produce a painting that could be used to assist them preserve the actual aircraft.

With this in mind, I used a poor source image as a starting point. I developed the painting in conjunction with my
contact, who was able to produce some welcome detailed reference photo’s. With this help I was able to make sure the Lightning was as accurate as I could make it.

After some development – and cross checking I was happy with the result. After framing and coming up with the title, I was invited to see the LPG at Bruntingthorpe… and the actual
aircraft. To my relief, everyone gave the painting the thumbs up!

I included ‘Days of Thunder’ in my submissions to the Guild of Aviation Artists’ 2018 Paintings of the Year exhibition, at the Mall Galleries in London. It was accepted and received some extremely good reviews.

This is currently available, POA.

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