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The Day After

Size N/A | Alkyd/Oils
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Short Sunderland, W6058 ‘D’ of the RAF’s 246 Squadron was stationed at Bowmore, Isle of Islay during WW2. After a violent gale, despite attempts to keep her on station, the aircraft was abandoned to the weather. The next morning she was amazingly found intact in a bay a fair way from Bowmore.

I found out about the subject when given a very small newspaper photo. I needed to know more. In my research, I found that the Sunderland, despite being a large flying boat, had a very thin metal skin, susceptible to damage. So to nd it intact was remarkable.

I needed to paint it. My reference material aided the project. Later it was entered into the GAvA exhibition in London.

Shortly afterward, someone saw the painting on the Guild website – and recognised the situation and found it had already sold. The upshot was that I received a commission to repaint the image (updated). It turned out that this guy’s father was part of the crew on THAT Sunderland!

Presenting the framed and completed painting was a very emotional experience, as it brought back memories of the time to the gentleman.


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