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RAF Formation 1918-2018

82m x 68cm | Oils (Framed)
£ For Sale

2018 is an extra special year for the Royal Air Force: they are marking their Centenary! I‘m glad to help them celebrate, with my aviation art.

This year I was asked by the Guild of Aviation Artists to produce a painting to help publicise their 2018 Paintings of the Year exhibition, at the Mall Galleries in London. What a surprise and such an honour – to represent the Guild and its artists. Usually, it’s up to the artist to pick a subject, but this year the theme rather suggested itself.  This is the end result, showing the story of the RAF in four aircraft: Camel, Spitfire, Hunter and F-35 Lightning. Choosing just four aircraft was difficult! The other difficulty was the composition, arriving at a layout to suit different formats and Sizes.

The resulting aviation oil painting showing 100 years of the RAF was so well received and got a lot of exposure on adverts, banners, posters, leaflets and on television. The image is also being used by the RAF Charitable Trust on merchandising. I was very happy with the result!

This is available, POA.

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