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On Reflection

38cm x 42cm | Acrylics / (Framed)
On Reflection
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I attended a sad event in October 1994, with the end of 360 Squadron on Canberras at RAF Wyton. There was a good ground display of aircraft but, because of the abysmal weather, flying was limited.

Afterwards, I made my way back to the car. As I approached the car park, I turned a corner. At that moment the rain stopped, the clouds parted and I was presented with this scene. Never had I viewed such reflections. I knew there and then that it needed to be painted!

‘On Reflection’ is the result. For once, the aircraft took less time than the foreground… Painted in acrylic, it was a challenge to get the reflections of the sky and Canberra, yet trying to portray the transparent nature of the water with tarmac showing through.

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