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100cm x 57cm | Pencil/Graphite
£ Not For Sale

When I heard that the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum was sending their Avro Lancaster Mk X, FM213 VRA (’Vera’) over the Atlantic to spend a while in the UK, I knew I HAD to be there to see her arrival!

So in August 2014, I made my way south to Lincolnshire. After parking the car o site, I cycled my way around RAF Coningsby to secure a place at the end of the runway for Vera’s arrival. The weather was doing it’s worst and it looked decidedly dodgy as to whether the Lancaster could make it in. However, despite the thunderstorm and my torrential ‘drowning’ the Avro appeared through a gap in the heavy dark mass and came straight in, almost directly over me, and down.

It was such an emotional moment – I still get ‘goosebumps’ thinking about it! I managed to get a very nice photographic image that would prove the basis for my drawing. I knew it had to be large – to capture the scale and power of that special moment. I think I ‘caught’ her!

NB The pencil is just to show scale!

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