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71cm x 52m | Pencil / Graphite (Framed)
£ For Sale

Bristol Brigands

As the theme for the Guild of Aviation Artists’ 2018 Paintings of the Year exhibition (at the Mall Galleries in London) was to be the RAF’s 100th anniversary I decided to do something different. But what? After arriving at a shortlist, I overheard a conversation: the person talking was a Brigand pilot. Decision made!

I was kindly sent some personal images by the pilot and used these to form a basis for the resulting drawing. This portrays him flying the relatively unknown aircraft over Aden.
At the exhibition – where they were on display – it was so pleasing to hear the comments given to the drawing. ‘Bandits’ was much acclaimed by the pilot himself – to my great pleasure.

The piece was a close runner-up to receiving the award for the best drawing on show.

‘Bandits’ is currently available, POA.

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